Sunday, April 5, 2015

Oh soul

Revive, renew, restore my soul.

It's Easter, and although I don't consider myself religious per se, maybe today is a good day to take time to invigorate my soul.

I got a new camera this week. It has been a very long time coming...too many years of saving up, but I finally have what I have been wanting, and it is amazing. I took it out for a spin last night to the city to see some amazing musicians. And, while the photography was fun, the music spoke to me. I foun my body lightening as the profound harmonies wafted through the room like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Today and I am happy, calm and ready to start my week of spring vacation.

Here are some shots of The Mondegreens in action at Viracocha in San Francisco. What a beautiful night!

Oh Me Oh My...look at that jump

Saturday, January 10, 2015

It's already 2015?

It has been far too long since I have posted anything! It's already 2015?

My New Year's Resolution for 2015 is all about adventure. I want more adventure in my life and that includes both adventure in the traditional sense of travel and experience, but also everyday adventure. Taking chances, risks, making changes and enjoying the outcome. Living life with abandon and a " have no fear of the unknown" attitude.

I started this year with a few new writing projects. In the past I have written in my journal when I needed to get something out on paper, collect my thoughts in one place. This year I am writing daily - a different kind of journal - just to write. I start each day with it and, although it has only been a week so far, I like it a lot. I also started a new blog. I was reading a few blogs written by women and thinking about how much I admire their ability to communicate with the masses. I don't know if my writing will ever get to the masses or if it will just be an exercise in creation, but either way, I am finding joy in it.

The new blog is about my work life. School Counselor Musings. It is a place to share stories, experiences, tips and tricks of the trade so to speak. I would also like to find some others to be guest bloggers and share their experiences too. I am not sure what I want the overall outcome to be, but I do know that other School Counseling Blogs I have read are very bland, too cutsie and not real. I want real life -  the down and dirty and the uplifting and beautiful of this profession. I love so much what I have chosen to do for a living, but sometimes it is hard and if I have learned anything over the past 5 years in this job, having a strong community to share life with is really important. So, I guess the new blog is a way to expand my community - virtual or not, expansion and expression are great.

I have also learned over the past few years, that when I know I am writing for someone other than myself, it comes out differently - surprisingly more quickly and coherent, and I think that is probably an important quality in a blogger.

There it is, it has been too many months since I have last done this, but ideally my writing here will be coming more frequently now.

It has been an amazing few months here is a recap of my highlights since August:
  • Started my 2nd year at DVHS - got moved to Probationary 2 which means I am tenured next year!
  • 1st baby of a good friend was born - she is beautiful
  • Traveled - great time!
  • 1st baby of another good friend was born - he is precious
  • Spent a week at home with my family for Christmas - so relaxing
  • Spent New Years with good friends and those babies - so perfect
 Here's to a beautiful and adventurous 2015!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Transitions are fun and exciting...thoughts on life

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of spending the weekend with some ridiculously amazing women. The time spent with them was in celebration of the upcoming birth of one of my dearest friends. She, being an adventurous warrior woman, wanted us all to camp and hike down to the Yuba river before spending the next day in celebration, prayer and pampering of her Blessingway Ceremony.

I was hesitant.

My brain started going into fear mode. Over two years ago, we spent time at the same camp site and hiked down to the same river during the bachelorette celebration for another friend.

At that time, I was overweight, out of shape and in a pretty unhealthy period of my life. I don't think I knew how unhappy I was, but I did know that my body did not want to cooperate with the mile hike up from the river. I felt slow - an impediment to the rest of the group. However, I had these amazing women who lifted me up when I didn't truly know how to lift myself.

Back to the present:

The memory of this time frightened me. Was I going to be able to do this hike without being a burden?

I tried to convince myself that my fear stemmed from my care for my friend...she is 8 months pregnant, I thought, she can't do this kind of hike....wrong!

Pushing through it, I knew I needed to support her and her vision for this time. I couldn't let my own fear, and memories of times past cloud my love and support of her.

What I constantly find in times like this, is how amazing the power of the universe is. When we think we won't be able to move past, the universe has its ways of showing us we can, putting the right people in our life at the right time and pushing us to see beyond our own self-made barriers.

Lesson learned (again) - I am strong!

I have worked hard to become healthy - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I set my sites everyday on what I can do to keep becoming healthy and it is exciting.

After returning from the hike we ate an amazing dinner and my strong pregnant friend asked us to play a "game". She asked us to look at some words that represented the things she had been going through or thinking about throughout her pregnancy - i.e. hungry, pushing, love, family - and then asked for each of us to share how one of those words relates to how we are feeling in our lives right now. The "game" turned into much more of an emotional group love and therapy session and it was amazing.

I happened to go first with the word "Transition".

Transition: noun movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage,subject, concept, etc., to another; change. (from

Transition for me represents the journey I have been on the past two years. I transitioned from a time of un-health to a time of health, from a time of sadness to a time of happiness, from a time of fear to a time of growth, from one amazing city to a new adventure in the bay, from the single life to an amazing relationship. 

My life has changed and transitioned greatly, but my takeaway from it is this: transitions are fun and exciting! 

Now, I just have to remember that everyday -even when transitions are hard and painful, or scary - a transition means something new, fun, exciting and joyful is around the corner. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Crazy little thing called...

It's pretty amazing when things just start to come together in your life. Two weeks ago I found out that I am returning to my job next year, and I am really excited. I am very happy that I get to continue the work that I am doing and expand the programs that I have started working on. The staff at my school has been extremely supportive this year and I feel honored to be able to work with such a great group of people.

A few weeks ago I also met an amazing man. I don't think that I have ever written candidly about relationships on my blog, mostly because nothing this noteworthy has graced my life since starting my blogging journey. It's a little surreal to think about.

Yesterday quite possibly was one of the best days I have had in years. We went to Bottlerock music festival in Napa. Being that he is a musician (extremely talented) he had played there the night before and with a lot of strategic moves we were able to get backstage everywhere we went! This resulted in being backstage to see Barenaked Ladies, LL Cool J and The Fray among others. It was an amazing day. Below are just a few of the photos documenting our dreamlike experience.

Barenaked Ladies

LL Cool J

LL Cool J

The Fray